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TRIDENT is a revolutionary new water based airbrush paint that provides premium performance and is a joy to paint with. It was designed with the highest expectations, with current standards of other water based paint being unacceptable, TRIDENT was to perform as well as any top performing urethane; and it does!

Another fantastic feature is its multi-surface application. It is suitable for most substrates including hard surfaces such as metal and sealed timber, medium surfaces like paper and board through to fabric and textiles. TRIDENT is made by artists for artists.


Why use TRIDENT?

Developed over six years, this paint performs just as airbrush paint should, providing great coverage and stability over larger areas while also providing exacting details from the finest guns including super fine 0.18mm nozzles.


Suitable for

  • metal, aluminium and other non-porous surfaces when correctly primed and prepared

  • T-Shirts

  • Wood

  • Canvas

  • Board

  • Other porous surfaces



TRIDENT performs well in all airbrushes including superfine 0.18mm



  • Use TRIDENT Airbrush Paint Reducer

  • Standard airbrushing - 1:1

  • T-Shirts - 3:1

  • Detail work - up to 1:3


T-Shirts & Textiles

TRIDENT should be heat set to assure secure curing to garment. Silicon coated paper must be used in between front and back of garment when pressing to avoid transference.



TRIDENT will air cure but can be accelerated with a heat gun or hair dryer. TRIDENT colors are re-wettable before curing but highly durable after curing offering countless artistic options.



Compatible with Urethane, 2-Pac and Acrylic clears.

The Tru8™ paint set is a signature series of colors by professional airbrush artist Daniel Power. These colors are all "TRU" colors; meaning they mix cleanly and effectively to give a rich, vibrant and extremely extensive palette to you, the airbrush artist! Made from superior quality TRIDENT water based paints the set requires reduction/thinning with TRIDENT water based paint reducer.



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