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Introductory Kit for Beginners / Small Scale Airbrushing


TRIDENT Fluorescent is applied over a white base color or white T-Shirt to achieve maximum fluorescence of color. TRIDENT Fluorescent should be sealed and set with TRIDENT T-Shirt Booster or 2K cleared with a high quality UV resistant 2K clear coat such as DNA Diamond Clear.


TKF-10  Fluro Set (10ml bottles)
1x T80-10 Fluro Yellow 10ml
1x T81-10 Fluro Green 10ml
1x T82-10 Fluro Orange 10ml
1x T83-10 Fluro Red 10ml
1x T84-10 Fluro Pink 10ml
1x T02-10 Tru White 10ml

Trident Fluro Set (10ml bottles)

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