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This Flesh tone kit is perfect for any skin tone colours you wish. They are safe and water based. Wayne will soon be putting out a DVD that will take you on a step by step process of flesh tones. 

Trident Products are water based airbrush paints. Paints are ready to go, but you also are best to use the reducer. Reducer is to help the flow of the paints in any weather condition.
As you can imagine on hot humid days the paint will flow different to a cold winters day. Reducer is to keep the flow of paint coming out easy and smooth.
Trident paints are great for
Canvas, clothing, Automotive, fishing lures, all hobby items e.g. war hammer, wall art, bikes, helmets etc.

TRIDENT - (NEW) Flesh Tone Kit

  • This 50ml x 10 colour set consists of
    Peach Flesh Tru White Transparent Base
    Sepia Brown Yellow Oxide 1 x 50ml Reducer.
    Flesh Tru Violet
    Sand Tru Black
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