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All Sheets are individually numered from 71 to 80.

So in choosing please indicate which sheet you are after in comments section. Price is per sheet.
The tattoo sheets are a professional material and thick, for long mulitpal use. They are also sticky back to keep the tattoo with a professional finish once complete.

To use these stencils you need to buy Isocol wipes and wipe the area where tattoo will be applied.
Then apply the stencil of choice, lightly spray the enternal of the stencil with the airbrush.
Peel off the tattoo stencil and apply it back onto the special paper to keep active and sticky.
Then with the isocol wipe clean any overspray off around your tattoo.

Lightly powder the tattoo to help it dry and set.

The ink we sell through our shop is a professional Tattoo ink and will last up to 7 days. For those needing to remove fast, the isocol wipe will remove the stencil earlier if needed.

Tattoo Stencil No. 71 to 80- Please mention what numbers required

  • Tattoo Stencils

    Sheets 71 - 80

    $22.00 Each sheet
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