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Student Kit (no Compressor)

AA 186 Airbrush .03 needle with Air adjustor and 3 individual bowls for different uses.
The smallest for nail art, Illustration
Medium for general all purpose uses and often left on.
Large is for True fire flames or larger projects that require volume paint application.
Air line
Learn to Airbrush DVD with Wayne Harrison included is small Skull stencil for your project.

ANY COMPRESSOR CAN RUN AN AIRBRUSH, just make sure it has a water trap and regulator. 

All you need now is Paint and compressor. Remember ANY compressor runs an airbrush, you just need to make sure you have Water trap/ regulator.

Student kit (no Compressor)

  • Airbrush - AA 186
    DVD- Learn to Airbrush with wayne harrison
    Airline - 3m Braided Airline
    Stencil - Ts skull1

    (any compressor can run a airbrush)
    however it must have a regulator to reduce air pressure to 15-45 psi and a water trap.

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