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QLD - Brisbane 

2 Day - $330.00 26TH- 27TH JULY 2014

5 Day - $625.00 28TH JULY - 1ST AUGUST 2014

Or combine the 2 workshop for a 7 day intense training
for $880. Special. Call office for this deal PH:1300 733 165


  • NSW workshops we offer the option of 2day, 5day and 7 day workshops

    Each workshop is designed around the students that will be attending and there needs.
    The basic layout of the workshop is as follows.

    Day 1-2

    the first 2 days are about learning the equipment and understanding how everything works and getting your control skills up to speed.
    once the basics are learnt we move into more practical exercises where you will apply the techniques that you have learnt into exercises designed to hone these skills.

    example exercises:

    underwater scene.

    5 day workshop.

    Day 1-2
    same as 2 Day workshop

    Day 3,

    Error correction.

    In airbrushing there are always going to be mistakes, paint splatter, colour shift and general mistakes.
    this is where we take the time to learn how to fix a mistake when it happens.

    Group project

    multiple layers and different custom techniques. using masking and freehand techniques.
    Examples of these can be seen in the images attached.

    these may include

    Bone, steel, wood, blades, skulls, torn metal

    Day 4 - 5

    Finish of project from day 3, once group project is complete students have to opportunity to move onto a more personalised project.

    As airbrushing is a very versatile tool there are many different surfaces that it can be used on. If you have a item that you would like to paint e.g canvas, board, surfboard, guitar this is the day to bring it along.

    (if you do decide to bring your own project, we suggest that you have it prepared and ready to paint so that you don't waste precious airbrush time on preparation)
    if you don't know how to prepare an item ask one of our staff earlier in the week.

    * the skills that you learn airbrushing a canvs or a board are the same skills that can be used to paint any surfance. e.g body painting, wall murals

    Day 6 - 7

    Continue with individual projects. The extra two days allows students to put more time into there individual projects and correct any mistakes along the way.
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