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In addition to your BLAIR SoftSpring with the Deluxe Set we include a set of locking tweezers to make installation a breeze and as an added bonus we will ship your SoftSpring in a keepsake metal capsule (Colours very -  but if you have a preference let us know and we will attempt to honour your request.)

The Original BLAIR SoftSpring:
Simply the best modification you can make to your Iwata airbrush.
Stock air valve springs have too much tension. Replacing the original spring with a new BLAIR SoftSpring will make it much easier to control, as well as reduce finger fatigue.

We are the original SoftSpring manufacturers, and the only source that replicates the exact tolerances of Dru Blair's original personally customized Iwata CM-SB, which he began developing in the 1980's. Remember that you get what you pay for, so beware of cheap imitations.
Our BLAIR SoftSpring, air valve replacement spring, for Iwata airbrushes was designed for the Iwata Custom Micron B/SB models. Since its development it has proven effective in virtually all models of Iwata airbrushes.

The BLAIR SoftSpring makes the downward pressure on your airbrush trigger (Main Lever) nearly effortless. This is good news because it reduces tension and fatigue that so often limits the artist’s control of the airbrush, especially when attempting fine details. When coupled with a side feed airbrush such as the Iwata CM-SB your BLAIR SoftSpring will facilitate the hand position that Dru Blair uses and recommends for the highest level of airbrush control.

NEW! Blair Deluxe Set

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