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Iwata BCR

Ideal Airbrush for, Temp tattoos, body painting, wall murals, T-shirts, RC cars.

Suction feed allows for faster colour changes.

** Please note - This airbrush does not come with an airline. We do recommend the AA222 for $25.00**

Iwata BCR

  • Start off airbrushing with the industry leader – Iwata. Made for users at all levels, this top-of-the-line Revolution Series brush is a great value. With breakthrough technology and performance, this airbrush outperforms all others in its price range. Its features include: an internal mix airbrush; ergonomic handle design; fine detail to 1-1/2″ spray pattern; larger nozzle and needle combination (0.5-mm) that makes for easier spraying of thicker or heavier paints; redesigned trigger mechanism and larger needle-chucking nut for easy assembly; and replaceable internal PTFE needle packing for use with solvent-based paints.
    · A bottle-feed, dual-action airbrush for general-use spraying
    · Siphon-feed model makes it easy to swap out bottles of specific colors quickly
    · Useful for T-shirt painting, model-railroad landscapes, R/C car painting, airplane models and other general art, hobby and craft projects
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