HP-C Plus
This is a great airbrush for beginners to advanced artists ALL ARTISTS . Great for fine detail automotive, Model Painting, wall murals , cake airbrushing and much more. This is the perfect all round airbrush for all airbrush uses . If you want to check please call us or send us an email. But this is the "Go to airbrush".


Accessories suited to this airbrush:

  • AA222 Airline or Iwata airlines
  • Mini Filter (mini moisture trap connects to airbrush)
  • Iwata IS875 Compressor for single and general use (most popular) can buy in kit
  • Cleaning mat to pull apart your airbrush and clean without losing pieces
  • Airbrush Cleaning fluid 
  • Paint is Trident water base paint good for Automotive, walls, hobby models, fishing  lures. (Wood, metal, plastic and leather )


All of the above products are available in our Accessories section.


Trident paint range is suitable for everything including small models, automotive, fabric, leather, wood and much more. Please contact us for any further inquiries.

Iwata HP-C Plus